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The Importance of Career Development and Personal Development


Great career ambitions are really important. There can be an issue if the ambitions are isolated and if they lack the plan on how to get them aside from their hard work. Most schools are not offering career development strategies and tips in their courses or as part of the academic program. People are actually taught to become great workers, great bosses or leaders.


Career strategy is any experience, activity or behavior made to help the person achieve the goals. Career strategy can represent the conscious choice by an individual to the type of investment that one wants to make in order to reach the career objectives. It is really ideal that people pursue a career strategy based on the expectation that this will result in the best chances of getting personal and professional success.


A research on how effective the career Employment Connections strategies are suggests that improving different skills and also obtaining several work experiences can improve the person's chances of obtaining success in one's career. The other research has found that using strategies like self-nomination and networking contribute to a person's career success. The career strategy's usefulness depends on several factors including the nature of the job, the industry's type and also the culture and norms of a particular organization. One career strategy which has worked in one may not work in others.


The previous research identifies general categories of career strategies which can be utilized to improve a person's chance of career goal attainment. A basic career strategy that you can use is to achieve competence in the present job as the organizations or companies would base their promotions through the worker's performance. The skills that are acquired or honed in the job can help the person in one's performance with the present employer or another. When one would focus on the abilities in the present job, then the person can increase his or her chances for future employability. You may also gather more details about Career Strategy Development at


It is also a popular Career Strategies that you put in extended hours at the work site or at home, especially when the employee wants to prove himself or herself to the company. If you work past the normal hours of work, such can improve the person's performance in the present job and this may also signify the organization that one is committed to the job and can take heavy workloads. Through putting extra work hours, this can have a negative consequence if one works in the weekends or the evenings that can affect the person's time to spend on personal or family activities.

Post by careerdevelopmentguide (2016-03-30 12:15)

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